How Long Does It Take To Get Marriage Certificate in NY

How Long Does It Take To Get Marriage Certificate in NY

Obtaining a marriage certificate is an essential step for couples who have recently tied the knot in New York State. This legal document serves as proof of their marriage and is often required for various purposes such as changing one’s name, applying for joint bank accounts, or updating marital status on official documents. The process of obtaining a marriage certificate in New York involves several steps, and the time it takes to receive the certificate can vary.

To begin the process, couples must first apply for a marriage license from the City Clerk’s office in any city or town within New York State. Both partners must appear in person to submit the application, provide required identification documents, and pay the necessary fee. Once the application is approved, a marriage license is issued, allowing the couple to get married within the state.

After the marriage ceremony, the officiant is responsible for completing the marriage license and returning it to the City Clerk’s office within five days. Once the office receives the completed license, it is processed, and a marriage certificate is issued.

The time it takes to receive the marriage certificate varies depending on the workload and efficiency of the specific City Clerk’s office. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks to receive the marriage certificate by mail. Some offices may offer expedited services for an additional fee, which can reduce the processing time.


1. Can we apply for a marriage certificate online in New York?
No, the application for a marriage license must be submitted in person at the City Clerk’s office.

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2. Can we request a copy of our marriage certificate online?
Yes, many City Clerk’s offices in New York State allow couples to request a copy of their marriage certificate online. However, the processing time may still vary.

3. Can we pick up the marriage certificate in person?
Yes, couples can choose to pick up the marriage certificate in person from the City Clerk’s office. This option may expedite the process.

4. What if we need the marriage certificate urgently?
If you require the marriage certificate urgently, you can inquire about expedited services at the City Clerk’s office. Additional fees may apply.

5. Can someone else pick up the marriage certificate on our behalf?
In most cases, the marriage certificate can only be picked up by one of the spouses or a designated representative. Proper identification and authorization may be required.

It is recommended to contact the specific City Clerk’s office where the marriage license was obtained for accurate information regarding processing times and any additional requirements.