How Long Does It Take To Learn Navajo

How Long Does It Take To Learn Navajo?

The Navajo language, also known as Diné bizaad, is the most widely spoken Native American language in the United States. It is primarily spoken by the Navajo people, who reside mainly in the southwestern regions of the United States. Learning Navajo can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience, but many people wonder how long it takes to become proficient in this complex and intricate language.

The time it takes to learn Navajo can vary depending on several factors, including your dedication, previous language learning experience, the amount of time you can commit to studying, and your exposure to the language. Navajo is classified as a Category 4 language by the Foreign Service Institute (FSI), which means it is considered one of the most difficult languages for native English speakers to learn.

According to the FSI, it takes around 88 weeks or 2,200 class hours for an English speaker to reach professional working proficiency in Navajo. This estimate assumes an intensive study program of 25 hours per week. However, it’s important to note that this estimate is based on classroom learning and may vary depending on individual learning styles and other factors.

Learning Navajo requires a strong commitment and consistent practice. It is a tonal language with complex grammar and a unique syntax. Additionally, there are regional variations in vocabulary and pronunciation, making it a challenging language to master. However, with dedication and regular practice, it is possible to make progress and gain proficiency in Navajo.


Q: Is it necessary to have previous language learning experience to learn Navajo?
A: While previous language learning experience can be helpful, it is not necessary. Everyone starts from a different level, and with the right resources and dedication, anyone can learn Navajo.

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Q: Are there any online resources available for learning Navajo?
A: Yes, there are several online resources available, including websites, apps, and YouTube channels, that provide lessons and materials for learning Navajo. These resources can supplement your learning and provide additional practice opportunities.

Q: Are there any immersion programs or language schools that offer Navajo courses?
A: Yes, there are immersion programs and language schools that offer Navajo courses. These programs provide an immersive environment where you can practice speaking and listening to Navajo regularly.

Q: Can I learn Navajo on my own, or do I need a teacher?
A: While having a teacher or mentor can be beneficial, it is possible to learn Navajo on your own. However, self-study requires discipline and consistency in practicing the language.

Q: How can I practice speaking Navajo?
A: Practice speaking Navajo by finding language exchange partners, participating in language immersion programs, or joining online communities where you can communicate with native Navajo speakers.

In conclusion, learning Navajo is a challenging but rewarding endeavor. The time it takes to become proficient in Navajo varies depending on individual factors, but with dedication, consistent practice, and the right resources, anyone can make progress in learning this unique and beautiful language.