How Long to Study LSAT

How Long to Study LSAT: A Comprehensive Guide

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is a standardized test required for admission into most law schools in the United States and Canada. It assesses critical thinking, analytical reasoning, logical reasoning, and reading comprehension skills. Many prospective law students wonder how long they should dedicate to studying for the LSAT. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how long to study for the LSAT, along with answers to frequently asked questions.

Factors to Consider:

1. Pre-existing Skills: The amount of time needed to study for the LSAT may vary depending on your pre-existing skills. If you are naturally strong in logical reasoning or reading comprehension, you may require less time to prepare compared to someone who struggles with these areas.

2. Target Score: Your target LSAT score also plays a crucial role in determining study duration. If you aim for a competitive score to gain admission into top-tier law schools, you may need to allocate more time for comprehensive preparation.

3. Time Availability: Consider your daily schedule and commitments. If you can dedicate several hours a day to studying, you may be able to study for a shorter duration. However, if you have limited time due to work or other responsibilities, you may need to spread out your study time over a longer period.

Recommended Study Duration:

While study duration can vary from person to person, experts generally recommend dedicating at least 150-300 hours of study time for LSAT preparation. This duration allows for a thorough understanding of the test content and sufficient practice to improve your skills.

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It is important to note that studying for the LSAT is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Some individuals may require shorter study periods, while others may need more time to achieve their desired scores. It is crucial to assess your own strengths and weaknesses, as well as your study habits, to determine how much time you need.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When should I start studying for the LSAT?
It is recommended to start studying for the LSAT three to six months before your intended test date. This allows for ample time to cover all sections of the test and to practice various question types.

2. How many hours a week should I dedicate to studying?
It is generally advised to dedicate a minimum of 10-15 hours per week for LSAT preparation. However, if you have a more flexible schedule or are aiming for a higher score, you may want to consider increasing your weekly study time.

3. Can I study for the LSAT while working full-time?
Yes, it is possible to study for the LSAT while working full-time. However, it may require careful time management and planning. Consider creating a study schedule that includes dedicated study blocks during evenings, weekends, or any free time you can allocate.

4. Should I take a break from studying before the test?
Taking a day or two off before the test can be beneficial to relax and reduce stress. However, it is generally not recommended to take an extended break right before the test, as it may disrupt your study momentum.


Determining how long to study for the LSAT depends on various factors such as pre-existing skills, target score, and time availability. While experts recommend dedicating 150-300 hours of study time, it is essential to tailor your study plan based on your individual needs and goals. Remember to start studying well in advance, manage your time effectively, and practice regularly to maximize your chances of success on the LSAT.

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