How to Play Learn to Fly 2 Without Flash

How to Play Learn to Fly 2 Without Flash

Learn to Fly 2 is a popular online game that requires Adobe Flash Player to run. However, due to the discontinuation of Flash Player by Adobe, many browsers no longer support it. If you still want to enjoy playing Learn to Fly 2 without Flash, there are a few alternative methods you can try. This article will guide you through the process and provide answers to some frequently asked questions.

Method 1: Using Ruffle Emulator

1. Install Ruffle Emulator: Ruffle is an open-source Flash Player emulator that allows you to play Flash content without the need for Adobe Flash Player. Visit the Ruffle website ( and download the appropriate version for your operating system.

2. Install the Emulator Extension: After installing Ruffle, you’ll need to add the Ruffle extension to your web browser. Ruffle supports popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Visit the extension store for your browser and search for “Ruffle Emulator.” Install the extension and follow the instructions provided.

3. Access Learn to Fly 2: Once the Ruffle emulator is installed, visit a website that hosts Learn to Fly 2. The emulator should automatically detect the Flash content and play it using Ruffle.

Method 2: Using Flashpoint

1. Download Flashpoint: Flashpoint is a webgame preservation project that includes a large collection of Flash games, including Learn to Fly 2. Visit the Flashpoint website ( and download the appropriate version for your operating system.

2. Install Flashpoint: After downloading Flashpoint, run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions. Flashpoint provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily search and play Flash games.

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3. Play Learn to Fly 2: Once Flashpoint is installed, open the program and search for “Learn to Fly 2” in the game library. Click on the game to start playing without the need for Flash Player.


Q1. Why can’t I play Learn to Fly 2 directly on my browser anymore?

A1. Most modern browsers no longer support Adobe Flash Player due to its discontinuation and security vulnerabilities. This is why you need alternative methods like emulators or Flashpoint to play Learn to Fly 2.

Q2. Are there any risks involved in using emulators or Flashpoint?

A2. Emulators and Flashpoint are safe to use as they do not require an internet connection and run Flash content locally on your computer. However, it is always recommended to download these applications from trusted sources to avoid any potential security risks.

Q3. Can I still play Learn to Fly 2 on my mobile device?

A3. Unfortunately, the methods mentioned above are primarily for desktop or laptop computers. Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, do not support Flash content. However, there may be alternative mobile versions or apps available for Learn to Fly 2 that you can search for in your device’s app store.

Q4. Will these methods work for other Flash games as well?

A4. Yes, both Ruffle emulator and Flashpoint support a wide range of Flash games. You can use these methods to play other Flash games that you enjoy.

In conclusion, while the discontinuation of Adobe Flash Player may have made it challenging to play Learn to Fly 2 in a traditional browser, there are alternative methods available. By using emulators like Ruffle or Flashpoint, you can still enjoy this popular game without Flash Player.

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