What Do You Do With Marriage Certificate After Divorce

What Do You Do With Marriage Certificate After Divorce?

Going through a divorce is a challenging and emotional process, and there are many practical matters to address once the legal proceedings are completed. One such item is the marriage certificate. After a divorce, individuals may wonder what to do with this document, which once symbolized their union. Here, we will discuss the options available and answer some common questions related to handling a marriage certificate post-divorce.

1. Keep it for personal reasons:
Some people choose to keep their marriage certificate as a memento or for sentimental reasons. Despite the marriage ending, the certificate may hold sentimental value or serve as a reminder of a significant period in their life.

2. Store it securely:
If you decide to keep the marriage certificate, it is important to store it safely. Consider using a fireproof and waterproof storage container or a safe deposit box to ensure its preservation. Keeping it in a safe place will also prevent it from getting misplaced or damaged.

3. Update personal identification documents:
In many cases, individuals need to update their identification documents after a divorce. This includes driver’s licenses, passports, and Social Security cards. In such instances, the marriage certificate may be required as proof of name change or marital status during the divorce process. After updating these documents, you may still want to keep a copy of the marriage certificate for future reference.

4. Return it to the issuing authority:
If you no longer wish to keep the marriage certificate or find it unnecessary, you can return it to the issuing authority. This will ensure that the document is properly disposed of and prevents any misuse or confusion in the future.

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Q1. Can I use the marriage certificate for any legal purposes after divorce?
Even though the marriage no longer exists, the certificate can still be useful for certain legal matters. For example, in some cases, it may be required for property settlements, financial settlements, or child custody arrangements.

Q2. Should I destroy the marriage certificate after a divorce?
While it may not be necessary to destroy the marriage certificate, it is essential to store it securely or return it to the issuing authority to prevent misuse.

Q3. Can I get a new marriage certificate after divorce?
No, you cannot obtain a new marriage certificate after a divorce. The original certificate will always reflect the fact that the marriage took place, even if it ended in divorce.

Q4. What if I lose my marriage certificate during or after the divorce process?
If you lose your marriage certificate, you can typically request a copy from the vital records office in the jurisdiction where the marriage took place. However, note that there may be a fee involved in obtaining a duplicate copy.

Q5. Is a divorce decree the same as a marriage certificate?
No, a divorce decree and a marriage certificate are separate documents. While a marriage certificate confirms the legal union, a divorce decree signifies the termination of that union.

In conclusion, what you do with your marriage certificate after a divorce ultimately depends on your personal preferences. Whether you choose to keep it as a memento, store it securely, or return it to the issuing authority, remember to handle it with care and consider its potential future use or significance.

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